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Behind Closet Doors: De-Cluttering Your Faith

I have been in a season y’all.  I have been in a season of wanting to rid the clutter in my life and organize things-starting with my house.  I have been pining home organization boards on Pinterest like it's my job.  I have been trying to figure out the best storage devices.  I have been gathering items I know we don’t use often and could give away.  I have even warned my husband that soon our closet will be tackled, including his many coats (seriously how many coats does one man need?!) he likes to house that take up so much room. 

I want, no I crave the organization.


I thought this season would end after I had my daughter.  During pregnancy there is a “nesting” period where the mother to be wants everything in its rightful place.  Because really, who wants to be digging for what you need at 2am when the baby is crying?  Not me!  Well the nesting period stayed with me. 

Recently, I was running around trying to clean up because we had company coming to visit.  To my demise I had left my cleaning to the last minute, so you can imagine how frantic I was trying to make sure everything had a place.  Maybe not the place it should have been in, but it had a place. 

I opened our hall closet to throw a few last minute things in when this thought hit me:

 I wonder how many of us are closet Christians.


[caption id="attachment_305" align="alignnone" width="300"]Credit: old house web Credit: old house web[/caption]



Let me explain what I mean by closet Christians, because you may be thinking of a different meaning for this term.

On the outside my house was clean.  Anyone that walked in would only see it the way I wanted them to.  No dust, no clutter, and no dirty dishes in the sink.  Behind closed doors, or should I say, behind closed closet doors rather, things were different.  Bills and clothes were piled up; toys were stuffed into bins, and well…let’s not even talk about the garage.

Sometimes we can be this way with our faith.  On the outside we can appear to have it altogether.  We’re kind to others, we put scripture as our statuses on Facebook, and we may even attend church on a regular basis. 

But deep in our closets, we’re stuffing all sorts of things in: resentment, fear, judgment, disobedience to God, gossip, self-doubt, jealously, the list could on and on. 

We think we can shut the door on these things. Close them off so no one sees them.



When in reality, those things just eat away at us and at our faith. 

We cannot hide from God.  Everything we stuff down deep inside He already knows about.  He knows about the gossip we’ll spread long before we speak a word.  He knows when we’ll make excuses for the reasons we haven’t spent time with Him.  He knows our thoughts and what’s truly burdening us.

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable.

 Hebrews 4:13 (NLT)



Today friend, let’s no longer be closet Christians.  Our Father knows when His children are hurting, so lay whatever is burdening you, whatever you have buried deep in your closet down before the Lord today. 

While I’m choosing to de-clutter my home this season, I’m also choosing to de-clutter my faith.  I want to make a conscious effort to choose my words more wisely, have more quiet time with the Lord, forgive those that have hurt me, and ask for grace and forgiveness for those things that are in my hearts closet buried deep. 

How will you de-clutter your faith today?


Is there something God is convicting you to give up to Him and let Him handle it?


 Will you step out in faith with me and make a choice to bare what’s in our closets?



And if you’re an organizing guru unlike me, leave your best organization tips in the comments section!

Have a blessed day friends,


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