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Are You Bringing Your Two Mites?

Imagine yourself in a temple filled with people coming and going. Tax collectors and religious officials are there taking money from everyone.
You are next in line.
You look down at two copper coins, both of which settle into the palm of your hand. You grip the coins tightly. It’s all you have. You have no other means and no one to provide for you. It’s all on you.
You are motioned forward, and you clinch the two coins as you step closer. You know what to do. While it’s hard to drop everything into those buckets, you know God is going to take care of you.


You drop the coins in, a sacrifice and offering up to God. You don’t know it, but someone is watching you, and He’s about to use you as one of the greatest examples to teach His disciples what true giving to the Lord looks like.


Out of all the people walking around in the temple, coming and going, He points you out. You. You are the one He wants us to learn from. You. The widow with two mites.
The widow with two mites. That’s how we know her. Her story is just a few sentences in Luke and Mark’s Gospels. I’ll admit that in the past I’ve skimmed over those words. Since this story is frequently used for messages on tithing and giving, that’s what I’ve always associated it with.
But one day, I found myself reading her story again and realized I had missed something essential. Something beautiful and eye-opening. 

Head over to More to Be to finish reading about what I discovered about the widow with two mites and how it changed my outlook on giving my gifts to The Lord. 

How My Life Became an Oceans Song

"You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail..."

It’s good to be back with you friends.  I have missed you dearly.  It’s been about five months since I’ve written here and so much has happened that I’ve wanted to tell you about.  My plan wasn’t to take such a long break from writing on here, but life has been well, just a little crazy.  Maybe crazy isn’t the right word.  Maybe turned upside down, flipped on my head, didn’t see it coming is the right terminology.  Is there a word for all that? 

Maybe the best way I can say it is to say that my life these past few months has become a real life Oceans song.  I had to get out of my boat, my comfy cozy boat, and go walk on the waters of the unknown to do something I felt God was asking me to do.  Something big. Something scary.  Something that required my complete trust in Him.

A few months ago I left my job of eight years to go into full-time ministry. 

It was a job I loved with people I loved dearly.  I wasn’t unhappy.  I wasn’t looking for something better or grander.  I truly loved the work I did (I was a social worker). But there was this gnawing at my heart that wouldn’t go away.  The gnawing of something that was bigger than me.

I had felt a call to ministry for some time but the call begin to deepen two years ago.   It was something I would think of but something that I pushed to the back of my mind.  More of a wouldn’t it be great if that happened one day type thing.  For many years I have wanted to write and speak, but this call was different and I could tell.

Over the past several years I have been afforded great ministry opportunities within my church and association that have allowed me to deepen that call. I really thought that I was fulfilling what God meant when He whispered to my heart that dream of full-time ministry work.

And then this past February everything changed for me. You may remember I wrote a blog post back then called If You Want to Move Mountains. That blog post was fresh off of me receiving a life changing assignment from God.   In it, I wrote this…

“I sat on that rustic wooden church pew for what seemed like forever.  Waiting.  I was waiting for God to point someone out to me that needed prayer. Perhaps someone to sit with and pray over.  But that wasn’t what happened.  As I sat on that pew, looking up at the dimly lit cross hanging from the ceiling, I felt God whisper to my own heart.    

Are you going to release this to me?  You’re not wrong.  Yes, I am asking you to step out in faith and do this.  Stop fighting me.  Stop doubting.

I walked into the room where I had carefully crafted each prayer station for the morning.  The stations were designed for women to discover areas in their lives that had become a barrier to a closer relationship with God. As I sat down, I waited for The Lord to prompt me with someone who I could help pray for in the room.  

But all I could feel was a heavy weight on my own heart.  I sat there, paralyzed in fear at the thought of truly surrendering myself to what The Lord was calling me to do. I could do nothing but repeat, are you sure Lord?  His words kept replaying in my mind. 

Are you going to release this to me?  You’re not wrong.  Yes, I am asking you to step out in faith and do this.  Stop fighting me.  Stop doubting.

My neck got hot and the tears started to pool in the corners of my eyes.  I sat there gripping my hands around the edge of the pew, practically on the edge of my seat.  I could muster only one word.  Yes.  Yes Lord, if you’re calling me to this, then I will obey.  If you’re asking me to release my dream to you, then yes, I will do that.  Yes Jesus, I will trust that you’re going to be with me on this journey.“

That dream that God called to life on that wooden church pew was for me to go into full-time ministry. 

I felt strongly I wasn’t surrendering to a calling to preach or to work in a church necessarily but I didn’t have a clue as to what kind of ministry I would even do. So I tucked that yes away in my heart and waited. 

As I wiped my tears away that morning at the prayer retreat and made my way back into the main room where everything was taking place, I offered to help our speaker with her bags as she packed up.  We made small talk for a few minutes and then she put her bags down and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Amanda, I feel like God wants me to tell you something.  He wants me to tell you that the ministry you have in your heart will be fruitful.  He wants me to tell you that you are leader and you are going to be someone who bridges the gap between the generations of women for His Kingdom.”

It was the confirmation I needed because I had to know that what I felt while sitting on that church pew wasn’t just my emotions that had gone haywire.  It was an assignment.  My God assignment.

Fast forward to this past fall.  An opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t turn down. It was ultimately my dream job.  I would be working with leaders and churches and helping grow and develop missions groups.  It was a position with the Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina (WMU), an organization that I dearly loved and already had a deep passion for.  It was full-time ministry work and work I felt called to. But it also meant commuting to another city and changing our whole family’s routine and schedule.

I could spend paragraphs telling you about the endless times I spent in prayer over the decision to leave my job.  I’m not sure I’ve ever prayed about something so much in fact. Because it seems that if God had ordained all of this then that should make it easy. Right?  Not so much. My co-workers were like family to me. I had this comfortable life of routine and familiarity. But ultimately my desire to be obedient to God rang louder than my desire for all of those things.

And friends the truth is, sometimes God calls you to lay down something good for something greater.

And sometimes He asks us to do something that requires an immense amount of trust in Him.  The decision to leave my job was difficult.  I asked God repeatedly for peace that I was making the right decision.  He knew that my heart longed for answers, and though He didn't always give them, He did continually give me peace about my decision.  I received confirmation after confirmation.  And yes, it was scary to leave the comfort of friends and a position I knew well to go to something that was brand new, but I knew that God wanted me to take this next step and so I followed through despite the fear.

God asks us to do really scary things sometimes.  He asks us to get out of our comfy, secure boats and follow Him. This was an invitation for me to touch my feet down on the water and walk to Jesus just like Peter did that night as the waters raged all around him. It was an invitation to do the work He had called me to. To know Him better. To serve Him better. To trust in His provision.

I’ve been at my new job with WMU for a few months now and I can’t tell you in words how much I love it.  I feel much like I’ve been freed from the chains that held me back as I hesitated to say yes to God on that church pew.  I feel alive.  I feel unhindered. My faith has been strengthened and my trust in God is so much deeper.

The surrender to the call to ministry was really the easy part. It was the follow through that was the real test.  And now that I’m on the other side of the decision…now that life is more settled and everyone is used to the things that have changed, I’m just waiting.  I’m waiting for the next time, the next moment, the next opportunity that God will give me to step out of the boat and run after Him even harder.

At some point friends, He’s going to ask us to get out of our boat.  He’s going to ask us to step out onto those scary waters and trust in Him and trust in His plan.  For you, it may not be a call into ministry work, maybe it's something entirely different. Whatever you feel like The Lord has laid on your heart to do in this season, in this moment of your life, is the boat you have to decide if you're going to get out of. 

Are you willing to get out of the boat when He asks you to?  Are you willing to let Him lead you to a place where your trust has to be without borders? 

It’s hard. It’s scary. It’s facing the unknown over and over again.

But it’s also freedom. And it’s the catalyst for a deeper relationship with Jesus.  He’s standing there with you.  His hand outstretched to yours.  His eyes locked on yours.  He’s got you.  You can let go of the fear that He doesn’t.

Let Him lead you.

Let Him take you to a deeper place with Him.

“Take my deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.”
~Oceans, Hillsong United

Under Construction

Hi Friends!

I've been posting on and off here throughout the summer for a few different reasons.  Some I'm in the process of writing about, so I'll save telling you about those for another time.  But the other reason is that I'm giving this blog a fresh new look, and new blog designs take a lot of time!  Every year around this time I re-evaluate the "feel" of Give Her Grace and where I want to go in the upcoming year.  

With that, I'm super excited to reveal a new blog look to you all very soon.  I'm working on several new aspects to the blog I think you will like.  

I can't wait to show you and in the meantime, know that you are on my heart and in my prayers!


How to Host a Women’s Retreat on a Budget

Our plans were grand, but our budget was not.  Our women’s ministry team had a long standing dream of hosting a women’s retreat, but we didn’t have a lot of money (around $250.00) and would need to pull from as many outside resources as we could.

God was good to us, and so were the people He surrounded us with that helped us pull it off. 

If you’re familiar with church budgets and line items for ministry, you know that sometimes you have to figure out creative ways to make things happen. But how do you host a women’s retreat or event, meet your event goals, and stay on budget?  I hope that by sharing my experience of retreat planning on a budget, it will help spark some ideas and tips for you if hosting a retreat is one of your dreams.

Head over to More to Be and check out 5 helpful tips for planning a women's retreat on a budget.

30 Things I Want to Do in My 30's

Today is my 30th birthday.   To say that time has flown by is an understatement.  Quite frankly, I couldn't wait to get out of my teens and go into my twenties because that was definitely an era I was ready to leave behind.  I wanted to grow up, start my life and settle into adulthood.  

So here I sit, not officially thirty until the clock turns 5:03pm, basking in the last moments of my twenties.  There were so many great things that happened in my twenties. Getting married, having my girls, going to a job I love everyday, buying a house, cultivating what God was calling me to do with my life, and the list goes on.

All week I've joked with friends and family about living up my last days as a twenty-something.  But the truth?  I'm extremely excited about going into my thirties.  (shhh...don't tell anyone!)

I'm looking forward to my thirties for a lot of reasons. I feel like my thirties are going to be such a great time to really cultivate the plans that God has for my life. To really dive deeper in my relationships with those around me. To see the fruit of my labor within my ministry work, including my first ministry of being a wife and mom.

There are so many things I want to accomplish in my thirties.  The best part of that being that I'm not so afraid anymore.  Thirty comes with a little more courage and a little more boldness.  So I'm not so afraid to mess up because life has already taught me that at some point I will.  I'm not as afraid to step out in faith or to fail.  After living some years and seeing God's provision, I know that He will work all things together for my good.  (Romans 8:28)

So in light of today, I thought I would share with you thirty things I want to do in my thirties.  In no particular order, here we go...

1.  Go on a mission trip 
2.  Vacation in the Caribbean
3.  Take my girls to Disney World
4.  Visit New York City 
5.  Begin a mentoring program in my church
6.  Take a family road trip in an RV to visit places across the US
7.  Get my life coaching certification 
8.  Make some new friends
9.  Pour into the women around me 
10.  Find a mentor 
11.  Mentor someone else 
12.  Release unforgiveness I've been holding onto 
13.  Experience healing from my anxiety 
14.  Skydive (if I only have the guts to indoor skydive does it still count?)
15.  Go deeper in my friendships 
16.  Listen more, talk less
17.  Have people over to my house more often for coffee or dinner 
18.  Memorize more scripture 
19.  Give more grace to others
20.  Try new foods 
21.  Prioritize my relationship with my husband and my girls
22.  Teach my girls the value of prayer
23.  Worry less about the number I see on a scale
24.  Really believe who my identity is in Christ
25.  Help and equip other women for their God-given callings
26.  Take a trip to The Holy Land.  
27.  Cultivate my calling for ministering to women 
28.  Write a book.  
29.  Commit to getting healthy: mind, body, and soul.  
30.  Start a non-profit ministry

So there you have it!  This list was so much fun to come up with.  What about you?  Do you ever set goals for yourself on your birthday? 

Mommy, Are You Afraid to Tell Others About Jesus?

I had just slipped my foot into my right shoe when my oldest daughter came around the corner and asked to sit on my lap for a minute.  I began to brush her hair and make sideways piggy tails per her request. We talked for a minute and I explained to her that I would be home late since I was going to speak at a church. 

“Mommy is going to tell others about Jesus.  Isn’t that cool?” I said as I pinned her favorite bow in her hair.  

“Yeah it is.” She said.  

But then she paused for a moment as if she had something else on her mind. 

Mommy, are you ever afraid to tell others about Jesus?”

Her question flabbergasted me for a moment.  I wanted to answer with an immediate “No, absolutely not! Mommy is never afraid to tell others about Jesus!” But this was a teachable moment, and one I wanted to be honest with her about. And so I answered her the best way I knew how.

“Sometimes I do get little butterflies in my belly when I talk in front of others because I am nervous, but I love telling others about Jesus and His love.  But yes, sometimes sweetie, I do get a little afraid because it isn’t always easy to do that.”  

She turned towards me with her signature crooked smile. 

“Yeah, well when I tell others about Jesus, I’m only a little afraid too.  But only a little.” She said as if she speaks to crowds of people all the time.  She ran off to chase her sister with her sideways piggy tails bouncing behind her and I sat back contemplating the weight of what she had just asked me.

I have to tell you friends.  That simple question from my four year old has weighed heavily on my heart for weeks now.  The truth is that sometimes I am afraid.  Sharing our faith with others, and explaining our relationship with Jesus, can be hard sometimes.

Often, things like fear of rejection or judgment or uncertainty hold us back from telling others about Him.  Maybe one of these statements rings true for you:

I don’t know the Bible as well as I should. 
I might get asked something I don’t know. 
I might be judged for sharing too much.
I make it clear I’m a Christian so they know how I feel about Jesus.
I don’t want to offend them; it might turn them off for good.

I get it friend.  You see, it’s a lot easier for me to stand up in front of a group of seasoned believers and preach a message of encouragement and hope in Jesus.  It’s safe there for me.  It’s comfortable.  But could I do this with someone I’ve just met? Someone I don’t know?

I cringe at the thought of how I hesitate at that.  

You see, I want to raise girls that are warriors for Jesus.  Girls that are fiercely protective of the Kingdom of God and its people. Girls that aren’t afraid to stand up for the lost.  The broken.  The devalued. The forgotten of society.

And to walk Jesus strong, they’re going to need an example to follow. My conversation with my oldest daughter led me to a stark realization.  It’s time for me to warrior up and stop wasting time by not telling others about my love for Him. 

Listen sweet friends, moment of hard truth.  We don’t have time to spare.  I say this with urgency because people need Jesus and they need Him desperately. They don't even know how much they need Him, but they do.  And we need to be the ones to tell them about Him.

About His mercy. His grace. His forgiveness. How by His blood we get to live a blameless life. 

We get pulled into a thousand directions every day.  The world promotes a gazillion and one methods for finding peace and hope in the midst of a chaotic world.  

But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that will replace the peace Jesus gives us.  

There is not a marketing tool or product that can dispense the hope we so desperately need like Jesus. 

He is my answer.  He is the answer.

I am nothing without Jesus.  I am nothing without His love.  I am nothing without His grace or mercy.  I am nothing without His forgiveness.  For because He paid it all, all to Him I will forever owe.

And I will fight tooth and nail so that others can know this too.  I don’t want to be afraid to tell others about Jesus.  I don’t want to hesitate when it comes to showing others who is my all in all. I won’t choose comfort anymore.  I will not stand back and watch the world teach my girls who they are created to be...who I am created to be. 

I will not allow fear to dwell within me any longer.   

We can spend our days worrying about offending people or getting their approval or waiting for the perfect time to talk about Jesus, or we can start sharing about His love in any way we can.  

Now is the time to testify.  Now is the time to warrior up and make known whose Kingdom we serve.  We serve a mighty God who is still alive.  Who still works miracles.  Who still redeems.  Who still reaches out to us for a personal relationship.  A God who is calling for His people to rise up and make His name known. 

You don’t need to be a missionary in a far off land to tell others about Jesus. Our mission field is where God has planted us in our current season of life.  Our work places.  Our homes. Our churches. Our neighborhoods.

Telling others about Jesus isn’t about walking up to them and shouting the Bible at them.  It comes in showing others who we are in Him and what He’s done in us. 

Let your life be your testimony. Practice an attitude of thankfulness in every situation. Tell people of the miracles He’s performed in your own life, big and small.  Tell them of the chains you’ve been freed from.  Tell them about His goodness.  Tell them about the God you love and the Son who went to the cross for you.  For them. For us all. 

My daughter’s question sparked a change in me.  My work as a mother has a clearer vision now and a clearer purpose.  I want them to watch me as I grow in my faith and know that they have a mother who loved Jesus with everything she had and wasn't afraid to tell others about Him. A mother who was never fearful or ashamed of The Gospel message.  

May my life, and yours, be reflective of Acts 20:24:

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by Jesus-the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

Forever yours Jesus, Amen. 

It’s Okay that You’re Not Okay

Hey friend,

I know you’re trying so hard to hold it together right now.  I know it seems like everything is falling apart and you don’t know which way to turn.  I know that it all seems out of control and grasping at straws is how you live your life nowadays.  Can I tell you something?

It’s okay that you’re not okay right now. 

It’s okay that life seems restless and chaotic.  Topsy turvy even. That doesn’t mean it feels good.  I know it doesn’t.  It’s draining. It’s daunting. Sometimes even down right painful.   

But friend?  

Just stop. Stop pretending right now. You don't have to fake it another minute. You don’t have to pretend that it’s all okay or that you’ve got everything under control. You don’t have to keep trying to figure out what is coming next. You don’t even have to pretend to like your current circumstance. 

I know the guard you’ve got up. Hell-bent on trying to prove to others that you’re holding it all together, that you’re taking it all like a pro. That you can handle anything that is thrown at you. 

But the reality of it friend? We can't. We can't handle any of it without Him.

You don’t have to always be okay.  Because it’s during the times of being unsettled and restless when we will continually seek God.  We will probably seek Him harder than we ever have before.  And we should.  We should chase Him down because He is the only hope we've got to get through it.  

It's during those times of not being okay when our prayers are prayed in desperation and sometimes hopelessness.  And all of that works together for our good in the messiest and most beautiful ways. 

Friend, just hang in there. 

This is where God often does His best work.  Oh yes.  The times when you're on your knees in desperation and complete surrender. Unsure of the future. Even downright burdened and overwhelmed with the current circumstance. Stuck in the ick and can’t get out.  This is where we draw close to our Creator.  The One who goes before us and knows our every need. 

This season of not being okay is temporary.  You need to know this.  I know that right now it doesn’t feel that way.  I know that right now you can’t see an end to it all and you’re wondering where in the world God is in all of this and what you’re supposed to do next.  

How can God redeem this?  How can He bring good from this?  

Oh sweet friend, you just watch.  

I know it's hard, but it’s okay to release those things to Him. The things you want to hold so tightly to, but know you can't.  Your children. Your marriage. Your dreams. The things you don’t understand in this world.  You can release it all to Him.  You can stop worrying about whether or not God will come through on His end.  He will. Because He’s the same God He’s always been.  He hasn’t changed.  

The same God that provided manna each day for the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness is still the same God we serve today.  The same God that walked in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and allowed them to come back without even a hair singed still lives today.  The same God who took the widow’s two mites and blessed them still reigns.  And the same God who came down on this earth in human form is alive and wants to be Lord of your life.  

So get desperate for Him.  Be hungry for His word and His promises. Wait with expectation that He will do something in you.  Something only He can do.   

It’s okay that you’re not okay today friend.  Maybe tomorrow you will be okay. Really okay, not the fake okay. And maybe it's next week. Next month. A year from now. At some point you will be okay again.  

Until then, know that in the stillness of waiting, God is there with you. He will not give up on you and He will most certainly not fail you. You can let go.  You don't have to pretend with Him.  He's got you and He's not letting go.  

Need a little extra encouragement today?  Try this friend

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