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Sometimes life is messy, busy, and full of distractions. There are times when it feels like you are the only one who is facing a discouraging season or the only one who is struggling in their faith walk.  Hearing someone say, me too, can make you feel so much more at ease.  That's what can happen when women gather together. It is a unique bond created by shared joy and sometimes even shared brokenness.

That is one of the reasons I absolutely love talking with women and getting to speak to groups of women. I think God has such a unique purpose for His daughters. I am passionate about women discovering their God-given gifts and calling. It really thrills me to see women come to know what they are here to do for the Kingdom of God and then pursue that fearlessly.  

Below is a current list of my speaking topics.  I will gladly customize a message to fit your group’s needs or event. Each message is filled with aspects of personal testimony, biblical truth, and equipping women to know God in a more intimate way.  These messages do not come from expertise, but from a hunger to live this out in my own life and see it lived out in others as well.

I have a passion for women of all ages, teen girls, and ministry leaders.  I would be honored for you to consider me to speak at your next women’s event, MOPS group, or retreat.  

Immeasurably More  
The key to God doing an immeasurable work, an awe-inspiring work in us, is truly the act of faith.  It’s having faith that as you release your dreams, your desires, your passions, even your pain to God, that He is going to use it for His glory and for your good.  But it’s the release of all those things that is the hard part.  The part that often brings us to our knees in doubt or frustration, even utter brokenness. 

In this message, based on Ephesians 3:20, Amanda will encourage women to:

Release deep hurts and surrender them to God
Trace God’s handiwork within their own lives
Trust that God will bring them out of bondage and into a life of freedom in Him

The Unhindered Life: How to Live Bold & Brave for Christ

Bold. Brave. Fearless. Courageous. Confident.  

These are all words we long to live out in our daily lives.  We want to pursue God wholeheartedly without hindrance, but fear often stops us. Fear stops us from chasing after our callings, from stepping out in faith, and even paralyzes us as we try to make decisions. 

In this message, Amanda will share three ways fear hinders us from living out these words in our walk with Christ.  We will take a look at:

How to bring our all to God even when we’re not confident in what we have
How to move out of our comfort zones and into a life freedom in Christ
How to trust in God’s provision and timing

I Feel Called…Now What?

So often we feel a calling that God has laid on our hearts, but we aren’t sure what to do with it.  We want to be obedient to Him but we’re also afraid to step out in faith.  What is the next step? Where do you go once you have recognized God's call on your life?

In this message, Amanda will equip women to:

Respond to God’s call on their lives
Assess their spiritual gifts and strengths 
Start a small ministry 
Find a mentor

Additional Speaking Topics

Missions involvement
Leading a Bible study (facilitator skills)
Leader Burnout

To talk with me about speaking at your next women's event, contact me here.  I look forward to talking with you!

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