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A Spiritual Root Canal

I couldn’t call and reschedule again.  I had put it off long enough.  This date had lingered on my calendar for weeks and it was haunting me. 

The dentist. 

I hope many of you silently just went “oh girl, I feel you” in your head. 

If I tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been to the dentist, will you promise not to let your mouth drop in complete horror?   4 years.   As in 48 months.  If somebody paid me to put the dentist off I’d be a millionaire twice over by now. 

This appointment was a simple cleaning which was not the part I was afraid of.  I was afraid of the results my cleaning would show.  I anxiously awaited the verdict from my dental assistant.  “Go ahead and give it to me straight,” I said.  “What are we looking at?  5 cavities?  A root canal?”  I waited with anticipation for the final verdict.   “I really don’t see anything besides one small spot on these two teeth.  Shouldn’t be but a quick fix.  It's not bad at all,” she said, reassuring me.   

Don’t ask me why I expected to get away scot-free, but I sure was hoping I would.  At the least bit I could take two tiny cavities.

As I was leaving the dentist office that day, a thought came to mind. 


Sin is like a cavity.






Sometimes it can start off small and then turn to something big.  We can feel that something isn’t right, but not enough for us to seek help about it.   Other times, it hits a nerve, causing us to flinch for a moment, but we go on about our day.  We let it fester over time and instead of taking care of it in the beginning, now we’re forced to get a root canal to remedy it.   


To put it simply, sometimes we need a spiritual root canal. 


The pain at this point is almost too much to take on our own, so we must be numbed or even put to sleep for the procedure to take place.  The root is so eaten up that it can become dead to us.

Sin is so much like a cavity.


We can deny to ourselves that we feel anything, but we can’t deny it to God. 


Do you need a spiritual root canal?


Is there something deep in your roots today that is stopping you from a closer relationship with God?

Sin is a tricky thing.  One that Satan loves to grab ahold of and control us with.  He loves to take our sins, the things we fall short on, and twist and manipulate them until we feel we are no longer worthy of God’s love. 

I imagine that if Satan were a dentist he wouldn’t numb you before drilling.  I can hear him saying don’t worry, you won’t feel anything.   He feeds off the dead roots in our lives.  The things we struggle with the most are the things he loves the most.  The problem with sin, much like a festering cavity, is that once those "dead roots" are there, you end up hardening your heart because of them.  You begin to think that not only are you not worthy of God's love but that you don't need God at all.  Those dead roots {sin} are tumultuous for our relationship with God.   

Alcohol.  Sexual desires. Gossip.  Unworthiness.  Hurt. Fear. Rejection.  Marriage problems.  Unhappiness at work.  Financial worries.



These may be some of the dead roots in your life, or you may have an entirely different list.  But friend, don’t let Satan tell you that you are not worthy of God’s love.  Whatever your dead roots are, God can restore them. 



“Create in me a clean heart, O God.  Renew a loyal spirit within me.”

Psalms 51:10 (NLT)


Who will you let be your spiritual dentist? 

What are the dead roots in your life?  

Do you need a spiritual root canal?



These are some tough questions to ask yourself but I promise you that if you answer them honestly to yourself, God has already began the restoration process in your life.  If there is a specific sin that is weighing on you, can I pray for you over it? 

Simply leave a comment and I will pray for you over whatever it is you are battling with.  If you'd like to remain anonymous, just type PRAYGod knows exactly what it is you need prayer for.


I pray that each of us will go through a spiritual root canal at some point and let God restore us to the children He has called us each to be.


Blessings Friends.





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