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The Icky Days

It was on.  I could feel it.  The day was getting the best of me and it hadn’t even reached noon yet.   One thing after another came at me like an unexpected wind storm; hurling the days obstacles one by one, and boy was I bitter about it.  I wanted to take on everything and everyone in my path.


My bitterness for the day had taken such a mental tole on me that I felt defeated and unwilling to cooperate with even the simplest of tasks.  I couldn’t rid myself of the ick.

Ugh!  If one more thing goes wrong today I don’t know what I’ll do! 


 Ready for the odd part?


I wanted to be icky.

The more reasonable side of me said to stop it, get a hold of myself and get over it.  But the other side, the one that took over that day didn’t want to.  I wanted to be icky and bitter.  I just wanted to immerse myself in everything not going my way that day.  In other words, I had a giant pity party for one. 

Have you ever felt this way?

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I knew that I couldn’t continue the day like this.  I had to do something to get myself out of my ick.  I quickly made my way to the bathroom at work, looked into the mirror and prayed.  “Lord I’m struggling today.  I feel out of control of my life and I need you to pull me out of this bitterness that I feel for this day.  Remove my ick.  Help me see you in this mess I’ve created.”


Friends, that was it.  I had created the mess and the way I felt about it.  I had let my day feel out of my control because I forgot to realize that things were not in my control, but His. 

I started my morning off hectic and my morning prayers were less than heartfelt.  I not only spread my bitterness to others, but I fed off theirs as well.  There I was wrapped in one big ball of bitterness and ick.   But I had created the ick, the bitterness, the longing for the day to be done before it had begun. 

Once I prayed for God to pull me from my ick my day suddenly seemed to take a different turn.  Imagine that, right?! 

But here’s the thing…

We will all have icky days.




Days we want to end soon after they’ve begun.

When we feel our world is turned upside down.

When the kids won’t cooperate or test our patience more than usual.

When our job takes a toll on us.

And there will always be days the enemy is out to get us.  Those days when we feel icky are prime enemy days, so step cautiously.  He is waiting there to jump in.  He tells us it is easier if we feel icky.  It’s easier if we snap at others, hate our jobs, argue with our spouses, and even question God’s love for us. 

But every day, even on the most difficult of days, God is there.  He knows when we feel icky and defeated from the day.  He desires for us to bring those feelings to Him.  He wants us to call on Him to remove our ick and not find bitterness in the day, but only grace.

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

Jeremiah 29:13



How do you pull yourself out of your “ick”?

How has God shown you something from an icky situation?

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