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Is There Something You Want More Than God?

A few weeks ago I found myself standing in front of my kitchen pantry with a decision to make.  I took a few minutes to examine all of my options. A cookie would be good.  Left over Easter candy would be even better.  Maybe a bowl of cereal. No, definitely a cookie.  Is that a bag of M&M’s?    

I took a step back and slammed the doors shut.  I was no stranger to this dance.  To eat or not to eat, there was never a question for me.  Food is a comfort.  It’s there for me on the good days and bad days, and all the other days in between.

Had a bad day at work?   Sneak a cookie or two…or three.

Feel guilty for yelling at the kids?  Go on.  Have that scoop of ice cream.

Stressed out?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Nothing a little sweet treat won’t fix.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I was sitting in church that I realized how much my feelings for food have overtaken me.  During his sermon, my Pastor posed this question to the congregation:

Is your physical body keeping you from growing spiritually?

I wanted to lie and tell myself no, but I was in church.  Everyone knows you can’t lie in church.  Not even to yourself.  I knew exactly what my answer to that question was without even thinking. 

It’s Sugar.

And it's oh so delicious.  

I want to say that I want God.  And I believe in my heart that I do want God.  I want to experience Him.  Walk with Him.  Hear His voice and heed His guidance.  I want to crave Him and need Him so much that I can’t wait to spend time with Him and learn more about Him.  That’s my honest heart intention.  But the reality is and it breaks my heart to confess this, I think I want sugar more.

I certainly put it before Him.  I always run to it before I run to Him.  I seek shelter and comfort in it, not from Him.  I know it will please me and make me feel better, when God doesn’t always make me feel that way. 

Sugar is an easy fix. 

I had given it the power and made it a resident idol in my life.  I saw no harm because it was just food.  It was just a little cookie, right? But as I began to examine my unhealthy relationship with this addictive substance, I began to feel my heart cry out for the greater need of my Heavenly Father.  

After much prayer and confirmation I felt like a sugar detox was the only way out of the food bondage I created. So I committed to myself that I would give up added sugars for 21 days.  No more sodas.  No more late night sweet treats.  No more creamy delicious coffee creamer.

About the same time I began my fast I started reading I Want God by Lisa Whittle.  It has helped me transform my thinking and place my focus back on My Creator, who made me to crave Him and not sugary treats.

In just the first few pages, Lisa came out swinging.  Her words were challenging.  Moving. 

We forget what it feels like to come with open hands and heart.  How we were once awed by the Story of in the beginning, water into wine, love held by nails, the veil torn, resurrected life.  We forget the power and the commitment, the beauty and the magnitude, the promises, the relationship, the raw passion for the cause and the reason and the immaculate saving grace.”

Have I been so preoccupied that I have forgotten how to simply want God?  Have I gotten so distracted by the busyness of life that I have sought refugee in sweet things more than in the Greatness of God?

Oh yes, I believe so.  And perhaps, the same is true for you.

I wonder today if you’re reading this from the other side of the screen and you too have forgotten how to simply want God.  Desire Him.  Hunger after Him. 

Perhaps you’re guilty of putting things before Him like I have.  Maybe for you it’s not sugar.  Maybe it’s your marriage.  Your career.  A problem you just can’t seem to find the solution to.  We can even let our own ministries take priority over God 

Our intentions aren’t to put all of these things before Him, but we get comfortable and dependent on the things we can physically touch and see, even get results from.    

Is there something you want more than God?

I know it’s a hard question to answer. Your first response might be of course I don’t want anything more than God, but I would encourage you to really search your heart on this one.  There may be things you don’t even recognize that you’re putting before Him.

During my sugar fast I had to constantly repeat these words as a reminder to myself that what was lurking in my pantry was no match for the fulfillment I receive from God.

God, I want to want You more than sugar.

I want to want You more than I want that Coke.

More than I want those cookies.

More than I want acceptance from others.

More than anything elseI want You.

Wanting God more than anything else is hard.  But the reward is the eternal relationship we get to have with Him.  It is being in the presence of His Holiness.  His goodness.  His mercy.  His unending grace.  

It's craving His truth.  His love.  His magnificence.  And that my friends, is sweeter than the most decadent dessert.  

What has pulled your attention away from God today?  

How can we encourage each other to remain healthy in mind and body?

Looking for some helpful resources?  Try these!

Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkurst

I Want God, by Lisa Whittle

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