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Do You Want to Write for Give Her Grace? I'm Looking for Guest Writers!

Have you recently felt the call to write and share your words?  Have you ever wanted to share your story to encourage others?  Has God been working in your life and you want to share it with others?  If your heart just leaped up into your throat and you whispered a quiet yes, then I’ve got some exciting news for you friend. 

I’m looking for guest contributors for Give Her Grace!

I could hardly type this all out because I’m so excited!  God has been showing me so much about fear and bravery.  My thoughts are all jumbled up as I'm trying to make sense of all he's put on my heart lately.  I know if I'm experiencing some of this, many of you are as well.  

This upside down time of trying to be brave and fearless has prompted me to invite you along the journey with me.  I'm looking for similar stories from you.  Stories of fearlessness and faith. 


That can be a scary four letter word, I know.  But here’s the thing friend, that word can encompass so many things.  Calling, gifts, difficult seasons, waiting, hurt, redemption.  Hard stuff.  Good stuff.

What has God done in your life as it relates to fear?  Has He brought you out of a long season of waiting or difficulty?  Has He called you to pursue a dream?  What is God showing you about fear in your life?

Fear is something I have long wrestled with.  To be frank with you, I’m sick of it really.  As this New Year started I vowed to be more fearless and brave in my own life.  I'll be writing more on that in that future, but for now, let's talk about YOU.  Perhaps you have felt a similar tug.  Here's your invitation.

Will you be brave with me?  Will you take a chance on sharing your story?  

Here’s what I’m looking for in a guest post:

-Posts should center on Christian-living and should be encouraging in nature. 

-Please limit posts to no more than 1200 words and no less than 500.

-DO NOT include a featured image or title image.  I will take care of this for you.

-DO include a photo of yourself and a short bio. If you already have a blog, feel free to link it in your bio. 


Do I have to have a blog to contribute a post?
            Absolutely not!  Having a blog is not a requirement, but if you do already have one, feel free to post the link in your bio so that readers can follow up with you. 

When do I need to submit a post to you?
            Deadline for posts will be February 28th

Who do I submit my post to?
            That would be me, Amanda!  You can submit a post via email to me here.  

Can I submit more than one post?
         For now, please only submit one post.  There may be opportunities in the future to submit more, so hold onto those posts!

What else should I know about submitting a post?
            Please know that as the author of this blog, I reserve the right to format the post and edit the post as I see fit.  I will do my best not to take away the original content of your post, but I need to stay true to the format of posts I use and to the mission of Give Her Grace.  If you have any questions about the guidelines, feel free to contact me!

I can’t wait to read your words sweet friends.  I’m ready to be brave and fearless.  Are you?


  1. This is great! I will email you a few posts!

  2. Sounds great! I'm looking forward to it!


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