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To the Women Who Hold My Babies at Church

Where should I begin?

Thank you.

Those two words are loaded with more gratitude than anything I could ever write or say.  I often think of you.  I think of what made you so compassionate.  So willing to serve.  So willing to give of your time.

Is it that you enjoy the tight hugs and sloppy kisses from little ones?

Is it that you are drawn to little ones that need to learn the love of Jesus just as much as the adults that walk through the church doors?

Is it a calling you feel the Lord has placed on your life?

Or is it that you simply see me, a mama who often needs an extra set of hands, trying her best to raise her babies in the church?

Maybe in some way it is all of these.  Whatever the reason, you have no idea the gratitude and love I have for you in my heart. 

It must seem most Sunday’s that we are rushed.  We rush into the nursery.  We rush into the sanctuary, putting children where they need to go, leaving them in your hands so that we can worship. You probably think what you do is small, not even worth recognition.  You may think that all you do is babysit the children.  Let me tell you why what you do is not small at all.  Let me express my heart to you and for what you do…it’s immeasurable to me. 

If it weren’t for you, I couldn’t participate in worship. 

I couldn’t hold a microphone every Sunday, pouring out my heart through song and praise. 

I couldn’t sit in the sanctuary, Sunday after Sunday soaking up the word of God.

Your gift allows me to learn more about my gifts and calling.  It allows my husband and me to sit side by side with one another and take a few moments to breathe in the grace we both so desperately need.  I want you to know that your compassion for giving up your own time to worship doesn’t go unnoticed. 

I know it may seem like all you do is wipe noses, pick up toys, and try to keep the children from running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Or maybe that’s just my child.    

But oh, you do so much more.

Did you know you’re helping us lay a foundation for our children?   There will come a time when the things you have done and the time you have given become part of a much larger plan and purpose for our children. 

You are a woman of influence.

Thank you for your dedication.  Thank you for serving in this most unique way.  Whether you spend time changing babies’ diapers, or coloring a picture of wee Zacchaeus in his tree for the thousandth time, you matter.  You are helping lay the foundation of Christ in our little ones.  You are showing them what service looks like, no matter the duty.  You are showing them dedication in the most beautiful way.

They won’t understand it…yet. 

But one day, one day, they will hold hands with their little ones and leave them in someone else’s hands so that they can go worship.  They will have the privilege of taking a few moments to themselves to breathe and reboot just as we do.  They will have the privilege because of you.  Because you helped their parents learn how to raise godly children.  And it will trickle down the generations.  The little ones who noses you wiped, and who you taught all those Bible songs to, now they are warriors for Jesus. 

And so for that and so much more, this mama can’t thank you enough. 

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