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One of Satan's Biggest Lies to Mothers

I could barely make it to the car before I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes.  It was the third day in a row I had picked up my oldest daughter and got a bad report on her behavior.  I was shocked it kept happening day after day.  I couldn’t offer the teacher a reason for her sudden behavior rebellion because it wasn’t something she was doing at home.  I felt at a loss.  Why was she acting this way all of the sudden?  What was I not doing right? 

My husband came home that evening and could recognize my stress immediately.  I poured it all out to him over a pot of boiling spaghetti noodles. 

“I feel like a failure.” I said. “I just don’t know why she’s acting this way and I can’t figure out how to help.”

He looked stunned that this series of bad reports had caused such a raw reaction from me.  “Babe, she’s two and a half.  This stuff is going to happen.  It’s okay.”

Even though in my mind I knew that she was most likely just having a rough week and was displaying typical two year old behaviors, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t measuring up as her mother.  I thought somewhere or somehow I must have messed up to cause her to act out in this way.  Later that night as I laid my head on my pillow, I realized that this is one of Satan’s biggest lies to mothers.

You are a failure.

I had given him an open invitation to attack my shortcomings as a mother and he certainly took his opportunity.  I never suspected him.  He’s sneaky like that. 

It's not that our children can't be affected by our behaviors or choices, they can be.  But often times it is the enemy silently whispering to our heart you’re not good enough.  You’re a failure as a mother.

Maybe you’ve heard some of these very lies whispered to your heart:

You’re doing it wrong.

Look at the choices they're making.  That’s your fault.

Look at that mom.  She’s doing everything right.  You can never be like her.

You will never break the cycle of your past. 

You’ve been praying for this child for such a long time.  It’s not working! God’s not answering.

God doesn’t care about you or your child, otherwise he would fix this. 

We could go on and on.  It’s a downward slope full of his trickery and deceit.  Mama, you must remember his ultimate goal is to rob you of joy in raising your children, especially if you are raising them to follow Jesus. 

Oh yes.  There is nothing Satan wants more than to get inside the heart of a mama raising her babies for Jesus.  He will come after you harder than you can imagine. 

I don’t know if you’re a mama of little ones who is elbow deep in dirty diapers and just trying to keep one foot in front of the other, or if you’re a seasoned mama with older children who are facing some very adult decisions right now.  Either way, please hear my heart and words of encouragement for you this morning.

You are not a failure.

Maybe you have a wayward child that’s running as fast as they can away from the Lord and what you’ve taught them.  Or maybe you lost your temper with one of your little ones this morning when they were being defiant despite your best efforts.  Maybe your teenager is starting to make some choices that are not in line with their character.   

You are doing your best mama.  Give that child over to the Lord.  Don’t you believe Satan’s lie that you are a failure.

God cares about mothers.  God loves mothers.  He would never whisper to us that we are failing.

It’s true that children will make their own choices, and certain things are out of our control.  What we can do however, is provide them with the foundation of Christ.  If you are doing that, mama you’re doing alright.  No, more than alright.  You are doing great.

As mothers we have to arm ourselves first with the armor of God so that we can then arm our children.  We must be on guard.  We must recognize Satan’s lies.  

How do you know if it’s from God or from the enemy?

Satan’s whispers will always be ones of fear, judgement, insecurity, resentment and uncertainty. God whispers words of peace, comfort, grace, and security in Him.

As mama's we are often very good at recognizing our faults and limitations.  Satan will use these acknowledgements as opportunities to turn lies into what we think are truths.  

For example, patience is something I struggle with.  I know I need it, I just don't have that extra dose that other mama's seem to have. So Satan knows this about me (and yes, Satan knows things about you just as God does) and he attacks me when he knows my patience is thin.  Then the guilt comes. And my thoughts are turned to these:  "I didn't mean to be so impatient.  We were running late is all.  I feel terrible I got so frustrated with her.  I failed in this moment."

And there you go.  I let him win, just like that. Another way to recognize Satan's attack verses God's grace is to remember this: 

 Conviction comes from God.  Guilt comes from the enemy.  

It is crucial to our spiritual walk to understand the difference.  I may feel convicted to change my heart and to be more patient with my children, but guilt from being impatient comes from the enemy himself.  See the difference?

Oh mama, it is not an easy task to defeat the enemy's lies, but may I offer more encouragement to you today? 

Making mistakes and failing are two very different things as a mother.  We will make mistakes. We will lose our temper, raise our voices.  We will say the wrong things, even make the wrong decisions.  But we can grow and change because of grace.

Someone once told me that God perfectly matched children to their parents based off that child’s purpose and how it would align with His perfect plan for their lives.  This is a sweet reminder when I’m up against Satan’s lies. 

Maybe today you’re consumed with guilt over choices made in the past.  Or maybe your heart is burdened with worry for your children.  Maybe just maybe, you heard the enemy’s silent whispers today that you are a failure.  Keep these words in your heart today:

God loves you mama and He loves your children.  His intentions are always for good.

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