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The Next Street Sign

My legs were shaking.  My heart pounded out of my chest.  I was out of breath.


I had done it.



I had reached the street sign, feeling accomplished and surprisingly revived.   I had just finished my longest run to date.  After a workout at the gym near our office, my friend and coworker challenged me to run back to the office with her.


“I’ll do it, sure,” I said without hesitation.  Before this challenge I would have never committed to do something like this, but God is continually showing me how strong I can actually be.


Okay Lord, please help me finish this run.  I know I can do it through you Lord, but I need your help.  Just help me finish. 



Not only would God provide me with the physical strength to complete my run, but He provided me with someone who pushed me and encouraged me with each passing block.



Just make it to this bush.


Just make it the next sign.


This is where it gets hard, just push through and it’ll pass.


You’re doing it.



She didn’t know it, but with each encouraging word my feet hit the pavement with more motivation than the last step.  I was going to finish.


See, God does this for us all the time.  It may not be running, it may be other life circumstances, but He provides just what my friend provided me.



I know you’re in pain, don’t give up.


I know you feel defeated in your marriage, just bring it to me and push through.


I’ve got something better planned, just trust me.


I know times are tough financially, but I will provide.


With each of life’s unexpected and sometimes expected circumstances, God is running with us, helping us make it the street sign.


This week’s verse for the “Living and Active” challenge is from Matthew 6:34




We must choose to focus on today.  We must find the blessings and victories in today.  I could choose to get really down on myself at the distance I ran, knowing it is probably short to anyone else’s expectations, but it’s not about the distance.



It’s about making it to the next street sign.



I can’t worry about tomorrow and what will come.  I can only focus on what God wants me to see in today.  Each morning I pray, “Lord help me to see you in all that I do today.”   Sometimes God will reveal himself in big ways to you, and other times it comes in the small things.


Whatever is going on in your life today that you may not understand, or if you’re unsure about what tomorrow holds for you, for your marriage, for your finances, your health, whatever it is…



Stay with me.  Stay with God.  Run to the next street sign with me.




I’ll meet you there, precious friend.
















  1. Amanda, Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouragement. I absolutely love this post. I've saved it to read again!

  2. Thank you Stacie! Thanks for visiting!


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