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Sometimes It's the Little Things...

Good morning friend  :)

We are having beautiful sunny days here and I'm anxiously anticipating warmer weather that is right around the corner.  I was on my way to work this morning, sunglasses on, radio blasting Chris Tomlin-ready for the day.  I just felt the sudden urge to ask God to lay something on my heart to write this morning. 

With that prayer came this thought:

sometimes it's the little things. 

A few weeks ago, my daughter Brooke was diagnosed with Torticollis and Plagiocephaly.  My husband and I had never even heard of these conditions before, so you can imagine our shock as Brooke's pediatrician broke the news to us.  As she went over the long-term effects and treatment options, I could barely focus.  Brooke was born with it, but we never knew it.  We had just finished a significant battle with weight gain and a diagnosis of silent reflux and now this.  On the outside I nodded my head in understanding but on the inside I was feeling so many emotions. 

I was resentful to be honest.  Why did my child have to have these issues?  I questioned.  And then questioned some more.  Every night my sweet girl would spend her evenings screaming while other babies seemed to be smiling and playing.  If we wanted her to look at us we had to get on her left side.   

Over the next few weeks we began physical therapy exercises to correct the Torticollis and Plagiocephaly.  Brian and I even joke that Brooke's theme song should be "to the left, to the left" (insert best Beyonce impression here) because that's the only direction she would look!

Until this morning that is. 

While I was getting ready for work, Brooke was in her boppy pillow on our bed.  She was babbling and I was doing my usual "where is mama" talk and she did it.  She actually looked for me...on her right side!  And then she kept her head straight for about 45 seconds.   This was a huge victory for us! 

Photo Credit: Amanda Martinsen

I was so excited that she did it that I screamed GOOD GIRL! in such a high pitched voice that I think I scared her.  But hey, I was a proud mama.  We've still got a long road ahead until we can fully treat her condition, but just her doing that this morning shows me that sometimes it's the little things

God is in the little things.

Sometimes we have to find victory in the little things.  Not all our days will be spent doing something incredible like Noah when he built the ark, or David when he defeated Goliath.  

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference.  The woman at the well was simply there getting some water, a mundane task to many of us.  But she ended up on a big journey...with Jesus.  

So if today you're struggling with feeling like you're not doing something "big enough" with your life or you're like me and you question a certain trial you are facing now-stay strong in faith with me friend.  God is there with you, here with me, and in the midst of all of us.  

God calls us to do big AND little things for His kingdom.    

Credit: Pinterest
I am so thankful that Brooke's condition is treatable and was caught early.  There are so many children that are facing more than she is and I am thankful hers is not more serious than it is.  But it does make me appreciate her little victories and rejoice in the ones to come. 

What little things have you been blessed by?

What has God shown you through the simple things in life?

Have a blessed day friend, and may you always find joy in the little things. 

For more information on Torticollis/Plagiocephaly click on the following links:



  1. Beautiful :) Thanks for this we all need to learn to appreciate the little things in life. She is ADORABLE :)

  2. Great reminder Amanda! I had no idea when you sent that picture all that it meant. Great things are to come I'm sure!

  3. Oh Amanda, this is one of the most powerful pieces you've written, as the cry of your heart and decision to trust God come together. Praying for you during this time!


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