A Prayer to Turn Your Day Around

March 29, 2016

We've all had those days that haven't gotten off to the greatest start.  Maybe it's kids fighting in the backseat on the way to school that sets your day off spinning.  Perhaps you overslept, causing you to be late to your morning meeting.  Maybe it's that you forgot to put gas in your car the night before and there is no gas station in sight now.  Maybe it's something bigger, like a fight with your husband that starts your day off.  

A number of things can send our mornings into a complete tailspin.  Many times when this happens to me I realize that I have completely left God out of my morning.  I didn’t start my morning with Him and ask Him to guide my day.  Or it's that I have come to Him with my lists of requests and prayer "to do's" and not with the intention of really spending time with Him.  Perhaps this is the case for you too. 

We are left with a choice.  We can let our day define us and give in to bad attitudes or we can turn our day around and let God's grace and infinite mercies wash over us.  If today you find yourself with a less than pleasant start to your day,  I’d like to encourage you to pray this prayer with me.

Almighty God,

Thank you that your mercies are new every morning.  I don’t deserve them and yet, you are so gracious, so loving, so forgiving of my selfish nature.  Lord, if I have left you out of my day already, please forgive me. 

I invite you to change this day. 

Point me towards you.  Help me to see the beauty in this day.  Let me not miss those small moments and opportunities to see you and hear your voice.

Prepare me for the day ahead and comfort me with your everlasting peace.  You are for me.  You are with me.  You know the challenges I will face before the day even begins.  I find such comfort in that thought.  You alone know what is ahead.  But you give me the freedom to do with it as I choose.

I choose to start this day over and begin it with You.  Cleanse me of the muck that has made its way into my day.  If I have had an attitude that was less than pleasing to you, forgive me and help me walk in your paths of righteousness and grace.  

How wonderful you are that within a moment you can change things.  The way the wind blows.  The scent of rain on the grass blades.  My heart.  You have the power to change it all.  

Lord I give this day back to you and thank you for the endless opportunities you give me to seek you, to know you, and to feel you all throughout my day.  

You are the Creator of Days and I am so glad that you allow me to start fresh with you.  

In Jesus precious name I pray, 

What is it that sends your day into a tailspin?

How do you invite God to change your day?

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