A Prayer for Giving Up Control

September 23, 2015

Heavenly Father, here we are again.  I’m trying to do your job.  I so desperately want control over this situation.  I want to know the outcome, the reason, the best way to handle it.  I want to know it all now.  As hard as it to give up control, I know in my heart Lord, you’ve got this.  And most of all, you've got me.  

You don’t need me to help you with this.  You don’t need my input on what I think should happen.  You simply need my trust.  You encourage me throughout your word to bring you my heart’s desires, my burdens.  But Lord, I need help here.  I want to bring you this, hand it over and be done.  But I crave the control.  Put my heart at peace.  Show me when to step up and when to stand down.  I don’t want to be someone who is always stressed and tired from trying to control everything.  I want to rest in you

So here it is Lord.  I’m giving up this situation to you.  I’m handing over everything. I don’t want it anymore. Help me to be a vessel for carrying out your will.  Thank you for grace.  Thank you for forgiving me for trying to control it all.  You created everything and have dominion over all.  I trust in You.

I love you Lord.  Amen      

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