Give Her Grace-A New Direction & Mission

August 26, 2015

It's been over a year since I hit the publish button on my blog.  It's hard to believe it's been that long. I feel as though it was just yesterday.  Oh how I've missed it.  Those of you that have so graciously read my blog in the past may wonder why I took a year off. I got to the point where I felt I was at a standstill with my writing and I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go in.  Each time I came back to publish something, I stopped myself.  So, I decided to take a blogging break.  I didn't exactly expect it to be a whole year off, but it's what my soul needed.

I needed to shift my focus and seek out new direction from God.  

And to be honest, I needed to shift my focus off my writing ministry and back to The One that called me to it in the first place.  I needed time with the Lord and to work on my walk with Him.  I really wanted to hit the reset button and start again, but starting all over would mean deleting my writing past, and that's not something I wanted to let go of either.  Just give it time, I thought. God is working.  Be patient.

And so time marched on.  Life took over.  Well, little ones took over.  My husband and I welcomed our second daughter, Georgia, this past spring and life with two littles, ministry and work has made my plate extremely full.  My focus shifted from working on my writing dreams to just trying to maintain my sanity with a growing toddler (awful tantrums included) and a new baby.  But as I've taken some time to breathe and reboot, I'm ready to start back.

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If you've read my blog before, you may notice things look a little different now.  My blog is no longer called "Into the Beautiful Life" but now Give Her Grace.  I searched and prayed long and hard for a new blog name that represented my life and ministry now.   I found myself asking "What is your new mission for me, Lord?"  

Write about everyday messy life.  Write about your struggle to balance it all. Encourage women.  Help them to see I'm still working.  

All of these were themes the Lord just keep speaking to my heart.  I'm in a season of messy life.  Most of us are in some way.  I'm learning to balance family, ministry, work, and time with God. The only constant for me in all of this has been grace, grace and more grace. 

Each day I breathe grace in and I want to breathe it out to others. 

So, I want to write about the mess.  For me, that looks like a juggling act between dirty diapers, Paw Patrol, ministry responsibilities and squeezing in quiet moments with my man.  For you, it may look completely different. But let's extend grace to one another shall we? 

We all need grace.  We all need encouragement.  We need something to bind us all together to work for a common purpose. 

Let's breathe it in as God so graciously gives it to us.

I'm also excited to share with you that Give Her Grace is an extension for one of my deepest passions: women's ministry. More specifically, building up women and encouraging them to be leaders in their homes, churches and community.  I am always searching for new and innovative ideas for presenting the Bible in creative ways to women and young girls, so I want to offer a resources page to readers.  Often through my own trial and error, I'll share what has worked for me in terms of ministry resources, Bible studies, events, etc.

So much has changed in my personal and spiritual life that I can't wait to share with you what the Lord has done in my life over the last year and how He's working in the present.

I gotta say, it feels good to be back writing and blogging; sharing my heart with you.

*Please note:  I switched back to Blogger from Wordpress so some of my posts may have a funky format to them because I exported them back to Blogger.*

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