5 Ways to Incorporate Music into Your Small Group

July 14, 2016

I want you to close your eyes and think about one of your favorite songs right now.  Got it in your mind?  Actually, you’re probably humming it, right?  What is it that makes this song special to you?

Does it bring up a special memory?  Set you in an entirely different mood?  Make you smile or dance?

Music has the ability to change us.

With one throwback song on the radio we are transported back to a special time in our lives or we are zapped from sad to happy or vice versa. Music is transformative and it’s also fun, which is why I would like to offer some different ways you can incorporate music into your small groups.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, but I already play music in my small groups. Great! Perhaps you can share your ideas in the comments section. If music isn’t something you’ve thought about using in your small groups, I would like to encourage you to get creative and think of ways to do so. To help get you started, I’ve compiled five entirely different ways to integrate music in your group time.

Head over to More to Be to finish the post and read about different ways to incorporate music into your small groups!

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