A Prayer for the Rough Mama Mornings

November 10, 2015

Sweet and precious Jesus, I need you this morning.  I feel stretched.  Exhausted.  I feel like I’ve run a marathon before the day has even begun.  I need you to steady my heart

These blessed treasures you have entrusted me with, the ones who I love more than my own life, are testing my patience for compassion.  Sometimes I think I can’t take one more fight, one more disagreement, one more of something not being just right.  But I also know sometimes it’s me that needs the attitude adjustment. 

Open my eyes to the real needs of my children.  Is it my attention they need?  Extra hugs?  More understanding?  Lord, press on my heart the need for more empathy and compassion for them.  When I am at my wit’s end with their behavior, would you whisper a sweet reminder to me that they are but sinners too?      

So often I can be just like a child.  I act out, rebel against your will.  I’m so thankful for your grace and mercy.  Help me to extend this same grace to my children.  Remind me that these moments are so few and far between in the grand scheme of this brief life. 

Thank you for the calling of motherhood.  You know more than anyone how hard this job can be, but you entrusted me with it.  You will guide me.  Thank you for grace.  Thank you for the ability to start over anew every morning.  

I love you Lord, Amen.     

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