A Prayer for When You Feel Defeated

October 16, 2015

Oh Lord, sometimes I can’t make sense of everything going on around me.  I feel so weak.  So tired.  I try so hard to be strong and hold it all together.  I can try to appear unfazed and put together to everyone else, but I can’t fake it with you.  You see straight through to my heart.   You know my need. 

In this moment I am so weighed down.  I feel like I waved my white flag to the enemy and he’s rejoicing in my surrender. I don’t want him to win Lord.  I want to triumph over him.  I need a fresh perspective on this situation.  I need energy to get back up and fight the enemy, the evil one who wants to still my joy.

I must confess that sometimes I find myself wondering why we must face struggles and hardships. But I am reminded that while I may not understand the reason, my struggles draw me closer to you.  I am given a greater perspective that you are the only thing that I can put my hope in.   I am also reminded of the sweetest victory there ever was, your son conquering death and rising again!  What a victory!

Though I may feel exhausted and overwhelmed, what a privilege it is to know that You cannot be defeated.  You never tire.  

Conqueror.  Almighty.  Defender when I am weak.

I love you Lord. Amen

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