Dare to Dream

March 12, 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams.

Why exactly do we dream and how does God use our dreams? 

What is a realistic dream and what’s not? 

How do I achieve my dream? 

All of these questions have flooded my mind lately.

See I’m a big dreamer. I simply love to dream.

Do you like to dream too?  Do you find yourself thinking about what you want to accomplish in your life or dreaming of the person you’ll marry and the family you’ll one day have?

I have done a lot of dreaming in my life, partially because it’s just plain fun to dream.  And sometimes it’s because it’s something unrealistic for me (like becoming an astronaut at age 11), but I want to play it out in my head anyway.

As I’ve gotten older, my dreams have deepened.  They became dreams that I held close to my heart and the thought that they may actually happen was just beyond my comprehension.

Because the one thing about dreams is…they can be scary.

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