Jesus as our Doppler Radar

April 27, 2012

Happy Friday!  I hope my post finds you having a good week.  We’ve been having some crazy weather this week where I live, with an awful lot of storms to boot.  We’ll have a morning of pure sunshine and then BOOM, within moments a storm will come up and fill the sky with dark clouds and thunder.

I think storms are fascinating to watch.  Unless you’re stuck outside in them, which is never fun or fascinating!  Sometimes we can see them coming, often from miles away.  We have Doppler radar that warns us when they’re coming and gives us time to prepare for them.  We can see dark clouds cover the fluffy white clouds, we can hear thunder rolling in the distance, and often we can feel the wind change pace. 

But what happens when we don’t see them coming?  Maybe we don’t check the weather that morning and we step out in our cutest shoes…without our umbrella.  We get caught off guard by them.  We are not prepared.  We end up drenched from the rain, our hair in a mess, and our cute shoes ruined.

Photo Credit:Amanda Martinsen

Photo Credit:Amanda Martinsen

Doesn’t this happen in our lives sometimes?  Things seem to be going great, everything is falling into place with what we want and BOOM!  A life storm catches us off guard.  An unexpected money expense, a friend that has a problem that you can’t help them with, a chronic sickness that’s discovered; things happen that we have no control over.  They are like the weather, we feel like we’re prepared for the storm, but then we can’t find our umbrella. 

Do you still praise Jesus during the storms of life?  This is something I am constantly working on myself.  It’s easy to praise Him during the good times, when things are going our way.  But about when they’re not?

Do you still praise Him when the bills are pilling up?  When you’ve had a terrible day?  When you’re struggling with patience?  When you don’t understand something He’s laid on your heart? 

Jesus is the ultimate Doppler radar within our lives.  Only HE can see the storms that are coming, and He offers us a safety net from the storm, an “umbrella” of love if you will…His word.  His word is our umbrella in a life storm.  His words and promises for our lives are true and never fail. 

My challenge to you this week is this: don’t just praise Jesus for the good things He does for you, praise Him during the life storms-for the times when things aren’t going YOUR way.  When you have a bad day-praise Him that He gave you the strength to get through it.  When bills are pilling up-praise Him for blessing you with the things He has blessed you with. And when the storm gets so bad you feel like you can’t see anything but dark clouds-rest assured that Jesus’ Doppler radar NEVER fails.  The sun will come out and you’ll see the white fluffy clouds again.  You may even feel like putting those cute shoes back on!   
And you’ll feel certain knowing that no matter the weather that day, you know the One who has the best Doppler radar of all.  And that beats any weatherman in my book.  ;) 

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Blessings friends,

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