What Our Bedtime Routine Was {Really} Missing

June 7, 2016

For my oldest daughter, bedtime has always been a battle.
It’s an ever present opportunity for her to showcase that strong-willed personality she’s been gifted. Bless it. You name the trick and my husband and I have probably tried it. It’s just always been her thing and it has proven to be a “growth opportunity” for us as parents.
One recent evening it was my turn on the bedtime battlefield. After reading several books and telling a few of my best stories, I could tell that we were nowhere near the bedtime finish line because my daughter was excitedly talking and chatting away.
I let out an inner sigh as I knew this meant that the sink full of dirty dishes would have to be put on hold, along with our leftover dinner that had probably been sitting out for far too long by this point.
As I started preparing a new to do list in my head, I heard brief snippets of what my daughter was babbling so excitedly about…

And they put nails in his hands mama.”
“Not just his hands. His feet too.”
“And his head. They put something on his head that hurt him.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In her own way she was telling me what she had learned about Jesus that day. Oh, the precious things she had learned about Him. She was so excited to share with me what she had learned. I was awestruck by her enthusiasm and her ability to recount details about Jesus’ death.
The door was left wide open for a conversation about Jesus’ love. And so we talked a bit, snuggled some more and shortly after, she drifted off to sleep. As I turned on my daughter’s nightlight and took one more glance at her before shutting the door, I realized that our bedtime routine had been missing something really important...

Head over to The Laundry Moms to finish reading this post!  I enjoyed having the opportunity to guest post today!

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