Are you Daydreaming or Dream Planning?

February 17, 2016

My pastor comes up with some pretty creative church signs.  Sometimes they are humorous, like the time back in October when the sign said “beat the Christmas rush.”  That was a good one. Other times they are straight to the point and convicting.  Case in point, the other night I pulled into our church parking lot and our sign read:

A dream which produces no plan is a daydream.

Honestly, that little church sign stirred up something in me.  It hit me square between my eyes, or moreover, my heart.  Because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing too much of lately . . . daydreaming.

You see, I dream a lot.  I dream about things I want to accomplish and what my children will be like as they grow. I dream about my husband and the life we will have years down the road.  And I dream even more about the God-sized dream deep down in my heart.  The dream that one day has me writing books and Bible studies and speaking to women. The dream that has a generation of leaders rising up to put on the armor of God. But those dreams, as wonderful as they are, are simply daydreams for now.
You see, the reason why our church sign struck such a chord with me that crisp Wednesday evening was because I realized that maybe, just maybe, daydreaming is safer than choosing to chase after my dreams.
I can daydream all day long about writing books and speaking to large audiences of women.  But actually taking steps to fulfill that dream . . . well that’s much scarier.

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