Solidarity Sisters-Meet Branson!

November 25, 2015

This past summer I jumped back into blogging full swing.  Clicking the publish button at the top of my screen is always scary, even a little intimidating at times. But it's also so exciting.  I put my words out there for the world to read and I just pray it touches someone, that someone is encouraged. That's why it is so exciting when you find your place among a supportive blogging community.  I've done my share of link-ups, which is a great way to share my writing and read other blogger's work.  But I have never participated in anything quiet like Solidarity Sisters.

Started by Susannah Kellogg of Simple Moments Stick, Solidarity Sisters is an amazing support group for women bloggers.  You are matched with a "sister" whose blog content and vision is similar to yours.  For weeks you are challenged to grow with one another by offering encouragement and advice about each other's work.  If you are a writer, I highly encourage taking part in this challenge!  You can find out more information about Solidarity Sisters here.   

Simple Moments Stick

Which brings me to the most exciting thing about today's post.  I am thrilled to introduce you to my Solidarity Sister, Branson Merrill of My Reflection of Something.

When she's not wearing the hat of wife and homeschooling mama, she spends her time serving in ministry and writing.  Branson writes about everything from ministry and faith to motherhood.  She also shares delicious recipes and happens to be an awesome photographer!  {Seriously, you should check out her pictures!} 

One of the things I admire most about Branson's writing is her authenticity.   She writes from where she's at.  Her posts about her walk with The Lord are moving.  They are real and often raw.  I can connect with an author that is able to write from where they are and admits that our walk in faith can be difficult at times.  

To get more of an idea of what Branson writes about, check out some of her favorite posts!

(one of my personal favorites!)

I have enjoyed getting to know Branson so much over the last few weeks.  She's a great writer and she has graciously helped me with my blog a lot in our short time together.  Thank you so much for being my sister this month Branson!  I know this is just the beginning of a new friendship.

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  1. Thanks for being such a great partner, Amanda! I have loved getting to know you through this!!


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