Week 1-Check In

September 24, 2013

Well, week 1 of my "Living and Active Challenge" is complete! Wahoo!!

I was able to complete my exercise requirements and memorize my verse for the week. It's been so helpful to be accountable for something and to know that I'm not only getting physically healthier, but my spiritual health is improving as well. I'm starting to see some things God is revealing to me through this challenge so far, and one thing He specifically showed me during my run on Friday:

I doubt myself way too much.

I wrap up week 1 and talk more about the challenge in this short video blog:


Doubt is holding me back, but I'm working to change that. The Lord is really showing me that through Him I can do anything. He gives me the strength to do anything.

Is there something holding you back today?

If you're part of the 5 week challenge, or you're doing a challenge of your own...keep it up! The race has just started, but we're closer to the finish line than when we first began!

Week 1 Memory Verse:

Source: Peak 313 Fitness

What does this verse mean to you? How can you apply it this week?

Here's to week 2!!

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