31 Days of Prayer

September 25, 2013

I looked at my calendar last night and realized that it was past the 21st and it was time for my monthly post on human trafficking.  However, I do believe the timing was perfect and my tardiness in posting was for a good reason (and not just my own carelessness!).  As I logged into my e-mail last night, I had a pleasant email from one of the women I look up to tremendously in ministry, Lysa Terkurst.  Lysa, along with the A21 Campaign are launching  31 Days of Prayer for the victims of human trafficking.

Man oh man, does the Lord ever hear and answer our prayers.  If you read the newest post on Lysa's blog, you'll see a HUGE praise report...35 freed from forced labor in the Ukraine!   Go God!  Go God!

Read Lysa's blog and print off the 31 Days of Prayer here.

Will you join me in the 31 Days of Prayer for these precious victims?

For more on the issue of human trafficking, visit the A21 Campaign's website at http://www.thea21campaign.org/

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