Living Proof Live! An Experience to Remember

May 15, 2013

Meet Kellie.  Kellie is an extremely fun person to be around.  I can testify to that!  Not only is she creative and a master party planner, but she is has a heart bursting for the Lord.  Today Kellie shares about her experience at Beth Moore's Living Proof Live event and how she was changed with whispers from the crowd. 

Recently, I traveled with a group of MOPS friends (and 8,000 other women) to see Living Proof Live with Beth Moore. I had heard that Beth Moore was dynamic and powerful and that I should expect to come out of Living Proof Live a changed person, but honestly I always kind of blow those kinds of comments off. I wish and hope for revelation, for something that will be so powerful that it will change me, but in situations like this I always seem to come up wanting. It’s like a New Year’s Eve party when you are expected to have the night of your life.  I am no good at forced fun so it would make sense that I would be no good at forced revelation either.
But, I can promise you that all the things I’d heard about this were true and that Beth Moore is everything that everyone says she is, and so much more than that.
My big moment came at a time I’d least expected it. It wasn’t during Beth’s time with us, even though it was wonderful and full of my favorite “ah ha!” moments. It wasn’t during the worship time, even though Travis Cottrell may have secretly made me more of a 9 o’clock than an 11 o’clock gal (gasp!). The music was that good. No, it came during what I heard someone later refer to it as the alter call.   After Beth finished up her second session she invited the praise team back to the stage and told us that she was now going to do the most important part of Living Proof Live.
Beth invited anyone who wanted to accept Jesus as their personal savior to do so, but in typical Beth Moore fashion she wanted you to do it as loud and publically as possible. She asked that those of us who were ready to accept Jesus into our hearts and lives to scream as loud as we could:

Credit: Kellie Ross-LPL Event

“My name is _____ _____ and I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior”.

The room seemed to rock back and forth; 8,000 tiny dots of people all sort of collectively held our breath. A silence like no other fell over the Greensboro coliseum as we all waited and listened for the sounds of salvation. And then it came, a tiny but powerful voice from what seemed like miles away began to yell. She was so far away all I could hear was “I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!”

Then, slowly, like a drizzle to a down pour, it began to rain down words of freedom and salvation in our Lord. Women from all over the arena began to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and it was as if I could see their souls freeing themselves from the years of self-doubt, fear and persecution and lifting up into the heavens just as their voices rose around the arena.

I feel so blessed to have been there at the moment that those ladies were saved and released from their sins. I can’t tell you any of their names, where they were from or even what they looked like. I can tell you that God was working in that place. He was there with His arms around us, welcoming those ladies into His loving protection. You could feel it, you could see it, and you could hear it all around us. God was there, and He was working.

I don’t need any more “Living Proof” than that!

Kellie Ross was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She’s been married to her best friend and computer whiz husband, Sam, for 6 years and they are blessed to have a beautiful 3 year old girl named Hannah. They are members at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church where Kellie serves on the Preschool Committee and she is the Communications Coordinator for the Mothers of Preschoolers group.

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