Announcement: May Theme

May 1, 2013

Timing.  Patience.  Control.  Trust.  Change.

It's no secret that the Lord is constantly working with me on these very things listed.  All of these things can be difficult to give over to God at times, but boy aren't we blessed when we do?  I set out this year with my one word being grow.  I can definitely tell you that the Lord is doing a work in me through this.  He has laid new passions and ventures on my heart, as well as continued to show me the weaknesses I need to give over to him (hint: the 5 words listed above!).  Where are you with your One Word for 2013?  Have you seen a difference in your spiritual life?

One of the areas of growth that I wanted to accomplish was this blog.  I wanted to challenge myself in this area and expand my ministry.  I want to challenge myself to go deeper in my writing as well open up this blog as a platform to share others stories.  So with that comes an exciting announcment!

I am so excited to announce that this month will be devoted to the topics listed at the top.  You're going to hear some amazing stories from women who have experienced these things, all in different ways, and have received great blessings and grace from going through it.  Weekly, these brave women will share their stories with you, and I encourage you to leave a comment on their story if it has touched you or identified with you in some way. 

I'd like to kick off this month with my own story of God's perfect timing.  Though I've previously written it, to this day it is the most difficult thing I've gone through as it relates to giving over my control to the Lord. 

You can read my story here:

Also, I've been listening to this song like crazy lately and it speaks straight to this month's theme:

Strangely Dim-Francesca Battistelli

Happy May!

Blessings Friends,

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