Changing Lanes

February 16, 2013

One evening not too long ago, I was driving home and went to make the left turn into my neighborhood.  Suddenly I noticed the string of orange traffic cones and signs reading “No Entering” blocking off my turn lane. To complete the picture, workers in reflective vests were in the process of tearing up the road.

In a split second I had to merge lanes again to avoid running into the “No Entering” sign. My route had to change on the spot, and I hadn’t been prepared for it.  I had had no warning at all, just a sign and some good quality brakes, thank goodness!

Has this ever happened to you? 
Not so much the traffic situation, but the quick change in the  or course of your life.
There you are, going about your normal everyday routine and BAM, there is a change you didn’t see coming.
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