One Word 2013

December 31, 2012

It's the last day of 2012.  Can you believe it?  So much has happened this year that has been both trying and teaching for me.  Looking back on 2012, I feel so blessed to have had some amazing things happen to me this year.  Two of the biggest things that happened were: 

I began my ministry.
                  After FINALLY obeying God's call to write and speak, I began to pursue my passion of writing and started this blog.  The speaking part God is working out in His timing I'm sure.  I was given the wonderful opportunity to join the writing team at More to Be and I have truly been blessed by that.  Being a part of such an amazing team of writers has helped me grow so much in my craft.

My husband and I learned that we were expecting our first child.
                After a struggle to conceive, the day before Mother's day I found out I was pregnant.  What an amazing journey so far.  We are expecting our sweet girl to arrive literally any day now, and we are so excited, but I will truly miss being pregnant with her.  Even though I have had complications with my pregnancy (saving that story for a devotional piece!) I have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant with our precious girl.  I am so looking forward to meeting her though!

What were some big events that happened to you in 2012?

I've also had some trials as I'm sure many of you have had.  Life does get hard sometimes doesn't it?

Maybe this year you've faced financial trials, career trials, or maybe you've struggled in your relationships with others.  Whatever your trials were, please find comfort in knowing that God has not abandoned you or forgotten you.  He is right there with you through it all, though sometimes we feel distant from Him.  He doesn't want that distance there, we create it.

So here is my challenge to you for this New Year:  pick a word.  One word.

One word that will represent you in 2013.  I'm sure many of you have heard of this challenge before, and what a great challenge it is!

I thought about my word a lot and I finally settled on GROW.

Grow my ministry, grow myself, grow in my faith.  Grow. Grow. Grow.  

Blog button credit: Melanie at only a breath.

So what's your one word going to be?

I would love to hear your one word!  Just leave your one word in the comment section below.

Happy New Year!  May you all be blessed in 2013!



  1. What a great word, Amanda! God will certainly be growing you in this new year. So glad to have you on the team at More to Be, too! You are such a gift to us!

  2. My word is Inspire. To be an inspiration to other people, that there is no doubt when they see how I live my life that I am a Christian.

  3. Quality - that is my word. Quality time, quality work, quality's about quality this year!!


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